Interested what the world of football looks like outside of your country? Curious to learn what supporters do against the “curse” of modern football? Wanna have information on other fans’ experiences and their problems? Then you have come to the right place!

The project “Freedom for the terraces” includes 15 questions about policing, ticket prices, fans’ paraphernalia and much more. We’ve asked fans, social workers or fans’ organisations, which situations they face in their countries. Over the past seven years we’ve had numerous helping hands from various countries that provided tons of information for our ever growing and developing project.

Of course the evaluations presented here are not representative but individual statements of football supporters and we might have missed some important facts. So we really appreciate it if you want to correct or complete this project with your experiences from your country and the situation there yourself (especially if your country is still missing). Please don’t hesitate to contact us – e-mail to

And now enjoy, download the reader:
Freedom for the terraces 2014 (PDF)

ProFans, July 2014